Sunday, August 27, 2006

DS Tetris on WiFi - OMG

So after raving about Tetris DS yesterday, I'm hear to rave a little more. I discovered the WiFi functionality last night. It is UNBELIEVABLE.

  1. Pick "Multiplayer Mode"
  2. Your DS automagically roams onto the nearest WiFi router, possibly asking for a WEP Key.
  3. You are instantly matched up with other players from around the world in head-to-head Tetris!
There was almost nothing to it. A 5 year old could figure it out. It worked flawlessly, seemlessly.

You can play traditional Tetris, where clearing 2 or more lines sends them to your opponent. There's an awesome 4-player mode, where you can pick up Mario style power-ups to confuddle the competition. I actually beat 3 Japanese players at 4am!

The other option is Tetris PUSH, where you are you do the inverted gravity thing against your opponent, trying to push them into the fire.

I'm addicted. I want to get a 6000 rank!


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